Golden Bay

The Golden Bay is located on the eastern side of Cape Farewell and is covered in sandy beaches from Port Popunga to Pohara. Behind the last of a few settlements, Collingwood, emerges a 26 kilometre long land arm, the famous Farewell Spit. This peninsula is home for many of New Zealand's native and migrating bird species.

First recordings of Maori presence dates back to the 15th century. In 1642, Abel Tasman, a renowned Dutch captain, was first to anchor in the Golden Bay encountering these tribes. He then decided to name this cove "Murderers Bay" since he lost four of his seamen during the encounter. First settlements were established in the early 19th century.

The Golden Bay is also famous for its scallops, the wild shellfish. Southern right whales, Humpback and Pygmy blue whales are regular visitors.

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