Golden Bay
The Golden Bay is located on the eastern side of Cape Farewell and is covered in sandy beaches from Port Popunga to Pohara.
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Mangarakau Swamp
The swampy Mangarakau Wetland is situated between the Whanganui Inlet and the Patarau river building the very northern tip of the Kahurangi National Park.
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The Caves and Their Inhabitants
The Oparara Basin is one of the most famous limestone valleys in New Zealand and contains the largest natural limestone arch in the southern hemisphere: The Oparara Arch.
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The Powelliphanta is the largest land snail species on earth. It is air breathing and carnivorous feeding on earthworms and slugs like spaghetti.
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Great Spotted Kiwi
The Great Spotted Kiwi or Roa (Apteryx haastii) is the largest kiwi in New Zealand. It is endemic but threatened with populations only in the northwest of the South Island.
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Heaphy Track
New Zealand is home to nine Great Walks. These are man-made tracks that offer great scenery and a full wilderness experience but are also easily accessible from major towns. Kahurangi is home to the Heaphy Track.
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